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Our Company’s History

Our Main Fields of Activity

Discover Techno Pneu Inc.’s main fields of activity:

  • Tire repair and change

  • Tires for agricultural vehicles

  • Tires for heavy vehicles

  • Tires for cars

  • Car mechanics

Recycled and Retreated Tires

The Techno Pneu factory uses two cutting-edge technologies, unique in North America, to ensure optimal tire quality.

TRM technology

The Techno tire manufacturing process benefits from the millimeter laser precision of TRM technology during the initial rubber application. This robotized step ensures the perfect calibration of the quantities of material applied. The result is a perfectly constructed tire offering optimal quality.

ITT-1 technology

All Techno tires are tested on this inspection device, which guarantees the exceptional quality of our products. Nothing beats the ITT-1 laser inspection unit for measuring the integrity of a tire, both for the internal and external structure. As proof, the 2 largest retreaders of large aircraft tires use this technology to ensure the safety of their products.

In 1957, Mr. Wilfrid Marquis founded Vulcanisation Marquis, the company which is at the origin of Techno Pneu Inc. Hence the expertise of our company is based on more than 50 years of technical progress. Now, the company is managed by Mr. Marcel Marquis, son of the founder and by Mr. Éric Marquis and Mr. Jean-François Marquis who hold key positions within the organization. Discover the history of our tire retreading and car mechanic services company. You can contact us by phone or email to get more information about our activities.

Built in 1997, our tire remolding factory in Rimouski gives a second life to hundreds of thousands of carefully selected tire carcasses every year. Already applied to the remolding of airliner tires, the European recycling technology we use is comparable to the one used for the manufacturing of first generation tires. 

The eco-friendly Techno tire is a premium ecological tire that is perfectly re-manufactured, offering durability comparable to that of the original tire, at a lower cost. It is also a way for our company to help preserve the environment, since remolding reduces the consumption of oil and materials needed to manufacture a tire. Contact us now by phone or by email to obtain a quote to equip your vehicles with remolded tires.


The Chronology of Our Development


In 1947, when Wilfrid Marquis left his home in Gaspé to go to Quebec City in order to find work, he travelled on a well-paved roadway crowded with tourists. This ambitious mechanic was on the verge of creating what would become the largest retreading plant in Eastern Quebec.


Wilfrid Marquis opened his service station in 1948 in Rimouski. He then offered Marquis tires, the symbol of continuity through excellence.


Vulcanisation Marquis Ltée experienced important developments in Rimouski. This local firm, which has been operating a vulcanization service for several years, just acquired new ultra-modern machines.


The Rimouski firm Techno Pneu acquired a European technology that caused a revolution in the tire remolding industry.


Thanks to Moldex, a Rimouski SME, recycled tires in the Lower St. Lawrence region are used to equip the famous yellow cabs of New York.


Techno Pneu Rimouski used robotics and laser to remold perfectly. Robotics made its entrance at Techno Pneu Rimouski which used an advanced Italian technology, unique in North America.


Techno Pneu of Rimouski stood out at the international tire industry show in Cleveland, Ohio.


The Quebec-based Techno Pneu Inc. company aimed to expand in North America. The Techno Pneu center of Rimouski announced this year, an expansion of its manufacturing factory and production capacity, opening the doors to a vast market for the Techno Pneu Inc. brand.

The Environmental and Safety Benefits

You know the 3Rs rule: reduce, reuse and recycle. If we all put this simple rule into practice, the environment would be cleaner today and for future generations. Techno's eco-friendly tires are the perfect answer to the 3Rs rule.

Here are the main advantages of our technology:

  • Reduce the amount of waste we produce

  • Reuse, recover or repair without changing the form or function

  • Recycle a material for a use different from its original purpose

  • A green product from here

  • Safety first

  • If you care about the environment, the green tire is for you

ASTM F1805 test

ASTM F1805 test

13 liters of crude oil to make a Techno tire

13 liters of crude oil to manufacture a Techno tire

Endurance test - FMVSS 139 (SUL)

Endurance Test - FMVSS 139 (SUL)

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