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No matter what kind of road conditions you encounter, every driver wants to be safe inside their vehicle! Your tires are the only point of contact between your car and the road, and therefore, quality tires are crucial. How can you ensure that you buy the right tires for your type of vehicle? Here is some useful information that the experts at Centre Techno Pneu think you should know. You can find out more by calling Centre Techno Pneu.

My Needs

Have your treads worn even with the tread-wear indicator? If so, it is time to change your tires. If you want to make a wise choice, you should ask yourself a few questions first. What type of tire is suitable for your car? Do you want high-performance tires, tires that grip the road, economical tires, tires for wet or snow-covered roads? Do you drive a sports car, a sedan, a pickup, etc.?

Tread-wear Indicator

The tread-wear indicator is a small raised bar that runs across the grooves of the tire, marking the minimum allowable tread depth.

Tires Sizes

Once you have found the answers to your questions, you must choose the right size tires. To determine the proper size, refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual or the car manufacturer’s label, which is usually stuck on the frame of the driver’s door.

Information Marked on the Tire

The sidewall of the tire carries useful information in the form of letters and numbers. If you wish to understand the information, you must learn how to decode it. Here’s an example to help you understand what the code means:

P185/70R14 88S

P = Passenger vehicle

185 = Width of the tire in millimetres

70 = Height / width ratio, or in other words, the ratio between the height of the tire’s sidewall and the width of the tire.

R = Radial construction

14 = Diameter of the wheel in inches

88 = Load index

S = Speed rating

Speed Rating

L'indice de vitesse est représenté par une lettre entre A et Z. La lettre indique la capacité maximale du pneu lorsque la capacité de charge et le gonflage sont adéquats.

Tire Speed Rating

Tire Speed Rating       

Speed In KM/H






Load Index

The load index is a number between 0 and 279. The number corresponds to the vehicle’s load-carrying capacity.

Load Index and Equivalent Load

Load Index          

Load in Lbs          

Load Index        

Load in Lbs          

Load Index             

Load in Lbs



921 3891102 337

1 433

1112 403
76882941 4771122 469
77908951 5211132 535

1 565


2 601


1 609


2 679


1 653


2 756

811 01999

1 709


2 833

821 047100

1 764


2 910

831 074101

1 819


2 998

841 102102

1 874


3 086

851 135103

1 929


3 197

861 168104

1 984


3 307

871 201105

2 039


3 417

881 235106

2 094


3 527

891 279107

2 149


3 638

901 323108

2 205

911 356109

2 271

The DOT marking is another code that is indicated on the sidewall. This marking indicates that the tire complies with the US Department of Transportation’s Tire Safety Standards for motor vehicles. This code often includes the name of the tire manufacturer, the factory, the manufacturing date and the brand.

Safety Tips

You must follow certain rules in order to ensure that your vehicle’s tires are safe:

Mounting and Demounting

To avoid damage to your tires or your vehicle, trust the mounting and demounting of your tires to a professional. Your tires will last longer if they are rotated regularly.

Air Pressure

Check your tire pressure every month and before a long trip. The tire should be cold, or in other words, your vehicle should not have been driven more than five kilometres during the preceding three hours. Use a pressure gauge to check the pressure of each tire. The pressure gauges that are sold in stores are generally more reliable than the built-in gauges on air pumps at gas stations.

Load-Carrying Capacity

To avoid a flat tire, do not exceed the load carrying capacity indicated on the sidewall of your tires.


When purchasing tires, look for the best quality at a competitive price. The experts at Centre Techno Pneu can help you with your purchase. They will always provide you with excellent service.

Voluntary recall

Subject: Voluntary recall of certain new tires sold outside the province of Quebec

June 13, 2019

Techno Tire issues a voluntary recall for certain new tires sold outside the province of Quebec. In the absence of the national safety mark and the tire identification number printed on the sidewall, these new tires are therefore not in compliance with the Motor Vehicle Tire Safety Regulations. Any new tire manufactured in any province in Canada must be NSM labeled to be licensed for sale in other Canadian provinces.

Description Product code Dimension
ECOLO MZ1 91T M110 P195/65R15
ECOLO MXV3 87S M111 P195/60R15
ECOLO MZ1 94T M112 P205/65R15
ECOLO MZ1 95T M114 P205/70R15
ECOLO MXV3 88H M121 P185/65R15
ECOLO MXV3 82V M122 P185/60R14
ECOLO MXV3 82H M123 P175/65R14
ECOLO MXV3 88H M124 P185/70R14
ECOLO MXV3 86H M125 P185/65R14
ECOLO MXV3 105S M126 P235/75R15
ECOLO MXV3 95T M127 P215/70R15
ECOLO MXV3 91S M129 P205/60R16
ECOLO MXV3 96Q M130 P215/65R16
ECOLO MXV3 99S M131 P215/70R16
ECOLO MXV3 101Q M132 P225/70R16
ECOLO MXV3 104Q M133 P235/70R16
ECOLO MXV3 94Q M135 P215/60R16
ECOLO MXV3 89Q M160 P225/60R17
ECOLO MXV3 100S M165 P225/65R17
ECOLO PLUS 84Q M167 P185/60R15
ECOLO PLUS 89Q M170 P205/55R16
ECOLO PLUS 94S M172 P205/65R16
ECOLO PLUS 88Q M175 P205/50R17
ECOLO PLUS 93Q M180 P215/55R17
ECOLO PLUS 98Q M185 P235/55R17
TS960 108S M270C P215/60R17
EXPLORER 104Q M306 P245/75R16
EXPLORER E10 120Q M312 LT245/75R16
EXPLORER E10 115N M318 LT215/85R16
EXPLORER E10 120Q M324 LT235/85R16
EXPLORER AT C6 88T M338 LT31X1050R15
EXPLORER MT C6 88T M340 LT31X1050R15
EXPLORER MT E10 119Q M346 LT245/75R16
EXPLORER MT 114T M347 P265/70R17
EXPLORER MT E10 120S M350 LT265/70R17
XCAVATOR C6 88T M359 LT31X1050R15
XCAVATOR E10 123N M380 LT32X1050R16
EXTREME 88T M400 P185/65R14
EXTREME 84Q M401 P195/55R15
EXTREME 88T M404 P205/55R16
ECOLO RZ1 98S M406 P225/60R16
ULTRA TRAC.E10 123N M513 LT265/75R16
EXPLORER 431 G14 128L M703 LT225/70R19.5
EXPLORER AS 101S M826 P225/75R16
EXPLORER AS E10 118Q M828 LT225/75R16
EXPLORER AS E10 118Q M828 LT225/75R16
EXPLORER AS 110Q M830 P265/70R17
EXPLORER AS E10 120S M833 LT265/70R17
EXPLORER AS 103Q M835 P235/65R17
EXPLORER AS 105S M836 P245/65R17
EXPLORER AS E10 121/118Q M842 LT245/75R17
EXPLORER AS 114T M850  P275/65R18
EXPLORER ATW M910 P265/70R17
EXPLORER ATW C 110S (HO) M913  LT265/70R17
EXPLORER ATW M940 P275/65R18
ECOLO MZ1 91T M110 P195/65R15
ECOLO MXV3 87S M111 P195/60R15
ECOLO MXV3 88H M121 P185/65R15
ECOLO MXV3 100S M165 P225/65R17
ECOLO PLUS 89Q M170 P205/55R16
EXPLORER E10 115N M318 LT215/85R16

If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-800-463-0747 from Monday to Friday, between 8 AM and 5 PM. Our commitment to safety, quality and customer respect have always been our highest priorities.

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