Environmental Benefits

You know all about the three Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle. If everyone worked together to put this into application, the environment would be cleaner today and for future generations. Eco-friendly Techno tires are an ideal application of the three Rs.

1. REDUCE the Quantity of Waste That We Produce.

When your mechanic mounts new tires on your vehicle, he is actually replacing the tread. The internal structure of the replaced tire has only begun its useful life, and can be reused in its entirety many times to reconstruct a strong, safe tire. Purchasing eco-friendly Techno tires means reducing the quantity of waste that you produce at the source.

2. REUSE: Recuperate or Repair a Product Without Changing Its Form or Function.

Tire remolding is by far the best way to recycle tires. When you install a Techno tire on your vehicle, you avoid the extraction, transportation, refining and processing of 18 litres of petroleum, on average. The same principle applies to the structure of tires made using steel, alloys and other materials.

3. RECYCLE: Using Recuperated Material for a Use That Differs from its Original Function.

The manufacturing process for Techno tires involves a number of inspection steps before the reconstruction and marketing of the recuperated tire. Some carcasses are rejected and sent to recycled material repurposing centres for other uses.

Many of the steps during the remolding process, such a buffing, produce rubber residue that is sought after because of its quality. This residue is taken in hand by our partners, who use it for other purposes.

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