Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Techno Pneu’s Remolded Tires To Be More Widely Available

If you already drive a fuel-efficient vehicle or a hybrid, the eco-friendly Techno tire is the right tire for you. In addition to supporting a local Québec business, you will be actively contributing to reducing the consumption of petroleum without sacrificing anything in the way of safety or performance. The warranty that applies to Techno tires rivals those for traditional tires, and they save you money, which is rare when it comes to superior-quality eco-friendly products.

But there’s still more! Unlike new tires, most of which are manufactured in Asia, 90% of our raw materials come from Québec, which limits the negative environmental effects of transportation and keeps hundreds of thousands of tire carcasses from ending up in landfill or other sites.

Built in 1997, the remolding shop gives new life to hundreds of thousands of carefully selected tire carcasses every year. The European technology that we use, which was developed for remolding aircraft tires, is comparable to the technology that is used for manufacturing new tires.

Écolo Techno tires are the most eco-friendly tires on the market. They are of superior-quality, complete rejuvenated and often surpass the durability of new tires, at a lower cost.

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