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OUR Remolded Tires

The Remolded Techno Tires

Eco-friendly, remolded Techno tires offer environmentally and money conscious consumers an alternative to traditional tires at the best price. Constantly under development, our line includes recycled winter and summer tires for passenger cars, performance cars and light trucks. The quality and reliability of Techno tires have made them a first choice of many New York cabs and fleet managers in Canada and the United States.

Are you a tire distributor? Remolded Techno tires are the perfect complement to the latest generation of hybrid and fuel-efficient vehicles, a perfect combination to reduce our environmental footprint.

Our Catalog

Download our free catalog. See in detail the tires we create for cars, light trucks, agricultural and off-road vehicles. 

eco-friendly tires

The life span of our eco-friendly tires is similar to that of your original tires

New York cabs are equipped with Techno Pneu tires

A number of New York cab fleets are equipped with Techno Pneu tires


Our tires are manufactured without water

Consumer Information

A specific fee of $3, plus GST and QST, applies to the purchase of each new tire in Quebec. In the case of the purchase of a remolded tire, this tax does not apply. To learn more about this tax, you can consult the official website of the Quebec government.


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Reduce the Amount of Waste We ProducE

When your mechanic puts new tires on your vehicle, they are actually replacing a tread. The internal structure of the replaced tire is just beginning its useful life. It can be reused several times and still be a durable and safe tire. Buying Techno ecological tires also means reducing the amount of waste you produce,and consumers like this fact.

Reuse, Recover or Repair Without Changing the Form or Function

Tire remoulding is by far the optimal way to recycle tires. When you install a Techno tire under your vehicle, an average of 18 liters of crude oil will not have to be extracted, transported, refined and processed. The same principle applies to the tire structure, which is made of steel, alloy and other materials.

Recycling a Material for a Different Use From Its Original Purpose

The Techno tire manufacturing process includes several inspection steps before the recovered tire is rebuilt and put on the market. A certain number of carcasses are rejected and sent to recycling centers for other uses. During the remoulding process, several steps, including grating, produce rubber residues that are sought after for their quality. The residues are taken in charge by our partners who recycle them for various uses.

A Local Green Product

Unlike new tires manufactured mostly in Asia, 90% of our raw materials come from Quebec. This limits the negative effects of transportation on the environment and prevents hundreds of thousands of tire carcasses from ending up in the environment.

Safety First

The Techno tire manufacturing process includes several inspection steps, both human and electronic. The advanced technology we use, which has already been applied to the remolding of airliner tires, is comparable to that used to manufacture and inspect first-generation tires. Techno tires are premium quality and perfectly safe. They surpass the durability of original equipment tires at a lower cost. This technique is approved by the Canadian and American departments of transportation.

If You Care about the Environment, the Green Tire Is for You

Do you pay attention to the environmental qualities of the products you buy? Techno's eco-friendly tires are the answer to your concerns. By equipping your vehicle with eco-friendly tires, you actively contribute to reducing petroleum use without sacrificing safety and performance. The warranty on Techno tires rivals the ones of traditional tires. And they are economical, which is quite rare for a quality ecological product.

The Second Life of Used Tires

With a new tread, they offer the same quality as new tires.

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