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Anti-puncture Products for Your Tires Throughout Quebec

Techno Pneu Inc. offers you technological solutions to improve your safety.  Discover our weighted tires and our anti-puncture products for tires in Rimouski. These techniques can be used on all types of car and truck tires. They bring greater comfort on the road and better handle and significantly reduce accidents or punctures. Ask for your free quote.

TyrFil: A Product by Accella Tire Fill Systems

TyrFil is a simple solution that reduces vehicle downtime due to tire problems. Liquid urethane materials are integrated into the tire, making it puncture-proof. Whether it's nails, wood chips, shrapnel or glass, Arnco's anti-puncture product resists all debris, giving you maximum safety on the road.

The TyrFil avoids in particular:

  • Frequent tire repairs

  • Premature replacement

  • Downtime caused by flat tires

  • The need for spare equipment

  • Time off work

  • Production delays

  • Overtime required to complete work

  • Program interruptions

  • Ballast problems

What Does TyrFil Do?

It is a liquid urethane material sent into the tire through its valve stem, replacing the air and solidifying into a resilient rubber core that never flattens, regardless of the puncture. TyrFil replaces all the air in the tire where liquid seals offer only limited protection against small punctures in the casing.

Magri-1000MD: A Product by Somavrac Group

Magri-1000MD is a liquid product designed to ballast your new, retreaded and remolded tires. Made of calcium chloride, it can be inserted into the tires of a tractor, snow removal vehicle or any other heavy vehicle. It increases the weight of the vehicle and lowers its center of gravity to improve its traction.


Here are some of the advantages of this product:

  • Is environmentally friendly
  • Is non-toxic and non-flammable
  • Comes from the corn industry
  • Is manufactured according to strict standards ensuring consistent quality
  • Has a eutectic point of -65°C
  • Has a weight of 1,30 kg per liter
  • Does not cause rim rust

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