Arnco Flatproofing Products

Arnco is the simple solution to the problem of downtime caused by tire troubles. Tires that are treated with Arnco are no longer susceptible to flats. Nails, wood splinters, shards of metal or glass – the Arnco flatproofing product overcomes them all. Flat tires are no longer a problem.

Save by eliminating the following problems:

  • Frequent tire repairs
  • Premature tire replacement
  • Downtime caused by flat tires
  • The need to have backup equipment
  • Idle time
  • Production delays
  • Overtime in order to complete the job
  • Delays in the schedule
  • Ballast problems

What is Arnco?

Arnco is a liquid polyurethane material that is pumped into the tire through the valve system, replacing the air and solidifying into an elastic rubber core that will never go flat, no matter what pierces it. Unlike liquid joint sealants, which only provide limited protection against carcass perforation, Arnco replaces all of the air in the tire.

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