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Techno Remolded Tires

Techno Remolded tires are ecological, offering consumers concerned about the environment an alternative to traditional tires — and at a lower cost. We are constantly developing new products, and now offer both three-season and winter tires for passenger touring vehicles, high performance vehicles and pick-ups. The quality and reliability of Techno tires have made them the tires of choice for New York City taxis and many other fleet managers in Canada and the U.S.

Are you a tire distributor ? Techno remolded tires are the ideal complementary choice for the latest generation of hybrid and fuel-efficient vehicles.

Our tire models

Explorer AS

The studs of the Explorer AS give more stability to the pickup truck because the side studs are farther apart. Thus, the tire has a better water dispersion and it has a better traction in snow and mud.

Available sizes

  • LT 225/75R16 D
  • LT 225/75R16 E