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Remolding Plant

Constructed in 1997, the remolding plant gives a second life to hundreds of thousands of carefully selected tire carcasses each year. We use European technology that was developed for remolding airliner tires, which is comparable to that used for manufacturing first-generation tires. Écolo Techno tires are top quality ecological tires that have been made new again, often surpassing the durability of new tires — at a lower cost.

To become a Techno tire, a worn tire undergoes the following processes

  1. Initial inspection
  2. Automatic tread buffing
  3. Bead brushing
  4. Cementing
  5. Application of the new rubber
  6. High pressure vulcanization in heating moulds
  7. Trimming
  8. Final inspection

The remolded tire is then ready for delivery to a retailer near you. Centre Techno Pneu offers a wide range of tires with the same warranties as new tires. To find out more about our products, consult the Remolded Tires section.

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